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Rio de Janeiro’s Natural Gas Potential 2032: Best New Era for Petrochemicals and Fertilizers

Rio de Janeiro’s Natural Gas Potential

Welcome to an thrilling exploration of Rio de Janeiro’s untapped pure gasoline potential, the place the stage is about for a transformative improve to the petrochemical and fertilizer industries. With the prospect of tripling its current present and the occasion of newest hubs and circulation routes, Rio de Janeiro is poised to unleash a model new interval of progress and innovation.

In this textual content, we delve into the findings of a whole analysis by Firjan SENAI, highlighting the immense alternate options, investments, and job creation that lie ahead. Join us as we uncover the pathways to maximise pure gasoline utilization and pave one of the simplest ways for a sustainable future in Rio de Janeiro.

Rio de Janeiro has the potential to significantly enhance its pure gasoline utilization worth and stimulate consumption with the rise in circulation performance and the occasion of 4 hubs all through the state. According to a analysis carried out by Firjan SENAI, the state might triple its current gasoline present of 20 million m³/day to over 80 million m³/day throughout the near future. This progress presents an opportunity in order so as to add substantial price to pure gasoline as an enter throughout the petrochemical and fertilizer industries.

The analysis proposes the establishment of two new gasoline circulation routes (Route 4b – Itaguaí/RJ and Route 6b – São João da Barra/RJ), together with the current routes (Route 2 – Macaé/RJ and Route 3 – Maricá/RJ) and the confirmed Route 5b – Macaé/RJ. These routes, along with the event of two gasoline processing objects and transport pipelines, have the potential to attract investments of as a minimum R$ 20 billion and create over 180,000 direct and indirect jobs.

The president of Firjan, Eduardo Eugenio Gouvêa Vieira, emphasizes that Rio de Janeiro can seize the possibility to complete Brazil’s reliance on imported petrochemical merchandise and fertilizers as a consequence of its plentiful pure gasoline property alongside the coast. The strategic location, coupled with a superb transport infrastructure, along with ports, positions Rio as a potential exporter of fertilizers and a big hub for grain exports if it joins the nationwide rail group.

Rio de Janeiro

To completely capitalize on this potential, it is important to create a pro-investment business environment throughout the free gasoline market and the final commerce. The Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro (Alerj), led by its president André Ceciliano, has already taken steps by enacting Legislation 9,716/2022, which establishes a State Fertilizer Plan. This plan targets to not solely develop fertilizer manufacturing companies however moreover arrange a Reference Center for Innovation in partnership with EMBRAPA.

The analysis titled “Potential of Natural Gas: A New Cycle for Petrochemicals in Rio de Janeiro” shall be supplied at an event at Firjan, the place market consultants who contributed to the analysis shall be present. The analysis covers assorted views, along with the imaginative and prescient of the pure gasoline market by the Energy Research Company (EPE), the importance of petrochemicals for pure gasoline demand by BNDES, and the potential monetary enchancment of Rio de Janeiro based totally on petrochemicals by SIQUIRJ.

Firjan SENAI highlights the significance of promoting natural gas functions and utilized sciences to drive the growth of Rio de Janeiro’s commerce. Their Institute for Innovation in Green Chemistry focuses on maximizing the surroundings pleasant use of chemical inputs and processes.


The analysis moreover emphasizes the rising market for decarbonization and the manufacturing of ammonia from inexperienced hydrogen (H2V) for fertilizer manufacturing, which aligns with the ESG agenda and the mix of pure gasoline as a cleaner provide and a route to amass hydrogen.

Karine Fragoso, the Oil, Gas, and Naval supervisor at Firjan, emphasizes that the petrochemical and fertilizer commerce presents a delicate demand for gasoline, which can operate an anchor for the event of newest pipelines in Rio de Janeiro. Currently, a superb portion of the gasoline produced offshore is reinjected, and leveraging this handy useful resource would deal with the rising demand and contribute price to the gasoline market.

The analysis moreover highlights Brazil’s sample of being an online importer of merchandise throughout the ethylene and propylene chain, fertilizers, and methanol. Thus, Rio de Janeiro’s potential to produce these merchandise domestically can contribute to reducing import dependence and foster monetary progress.

Overall, the occasion of Rio de Janeiro’s pure gasoline potential requires a supportive funding environment and strategic collaboration amongst commerce stakeholders to unlock its full benefits.


In conclusion, Rio de Janeiro stands on the precipice of a distinctive various to revolutionize its financial system and solidify its place as a powerhouse throughout the petrochemical and fertilizer industries. The potential to triple the current pure gasoline present and the occasion of newest circulation routes and hubs open up a realm of prospects for progress, funding, and job creation.

The findings of the Firjan SENAI analysis clarify the strategic advantages that Rio de Janeiro possesses, with its plentiful coastal pure gasoline property and favorable transport infrastructure. By harnessing these advantages, the state can break free from the shackles of import dependence and arrange itself as a self-sufficient hub for the manufacturing of petrochemical merchandise and fertilizers. This not solely bolsters the native financial system however moreover contributes to the final vitality security and sustainability of Brazil.

Moreover, the drive in course of a pro-investment enterprise environment, as spearheaded by the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro (Alerj), demonstrates a sturdy dedication to realizing the overall potential of pure gasoline throughout the space. The State Fertilizer Plan and the partnership with EMBRAPA for an Innovation Reference Center signify a whole technique to nurture innovation, evaluation, and enchancment throughout the sector.

Rio de Janeiro’s journey in course of unlocking its pure gasoline potential aligns with worldwide tendencies of decarbonization and the pursuit of cleaner vitality sources. By embracing inexperienced chemistry, exploring ammonia manufacturing from inexperienced hydrogen, and integrating pure gasoline as a cleaner vitality varied, Rio de Janeiro positions itself on the forefront of the transition in course of a additional sustainable future.

The collaborative efforts of market brokers, commerce consultants, and authorities entities shall be crucial in ensuring the worthwhile realization of this imaginative and prescient. By fostering partnerships, streamlining legal guidelines, and supporting private sector initiatives, Rio de Janeiro can create an enabling environment that pulls investments, encourages technological developments, and propels the realm’s petrochemical and fertilizer industries to new heights.

As Rio de Janeiro prepares to share the outcomes of the analysis with key stakeholders, it is evident that the state’s pure gasoline potential is poised to be a game-changer. The journey in course of self-sufficiency, job creation, and monetary progress has merely begun, and the path ahead is filled with immense promise.

In summary, Rio de Janeiro has the golden various to embrace its pure gasoline potential, rewrite its industrial panorama, and pave one of the simplest ways for a thriving future. With strategic planning, collaboration, and a steadfast dedication to sustainable practices, Rio de Janeiro can truly turn into a beacon of success throughout the petrochemical and fertilizer industries, leaving an indelible mark on Brazil’s monetary panorama for generations to return.

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